Full Service Broker/Dealer


Lawson Financial Corporation is a diversified, full-service financial institution that provides its clients a distinct creative edge. We are a FINRA registered Broker/Dealer, providing a full range of securities and brokerage services to a large and rapidly expanding client base, offering traditional and unique investment opportunities.

Founded in the mid '80s and shaped by traditional values, Lawson Financial Corporation is committed to creating financial opportunities, and using them to guide our clients toward success. We offer clients an ideal balance: a full range of quality resources and products, along with the personalized attention and knowledgeable service every investor deserves.

The Company was established in 1984 as a diversified financial company headquartered in fast-growing Phoenix, Arizona with its corporate offices in the Camelback Corridor. Arizona branch offices can be found in Sun City as well as Prescott. A regional office servicing the Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida metropolitan area also has been established since 1984. We offer investment services throughout the 50 States.

We provide full-service securities brokerage services for investors, investment banking services for companies, and a full array of insurance products. Lawson Financial also provides investment-banking services for municipal government projects financed with tax-exempt as well as taxable municipal bonds.


Giving Our Clients a Creative Edge

Creativity means unique capital opportunities for our clients. Our primary goal is to provide investments that can produce income that you can spend or reinvest (compounding) at your option. Our creative edge gets you involved in the process by providing regular workshops dedicated to exploring your investment choices face-to-face in simple down-to-earth plain English. We also provide access to E-classes on our Internet site www.lawsonfinancial.com, which can be accessed at any time.


The Advantages of Working With Lawson Financial

Customer Service Desk - Each customer has a Personal Registered Representative to assist them in their investment choices, and each Registered Representative is backed up by our Customer Service Desk. Clients have immediate access to the Customer Service Desk should their representative be unavailable.

Municipal and Government Trading Desk - Unlike many firms, Lawson Financial has an in-house trading department that services both individual and corporate customers. In addition to municipal bonds, other products including corporate securities, collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs) and agency securities are available.

Money Making Opportunities - Stocks, Mutual Funds, Annuities, Zero Coupon Securities, Certificates of Deposit, Unit Investment Trusts, Tax Shelter and Limited Partnership Products.

Client Protection - Working on behalf of Lawson Financial Corporation, Pershing provides account protection for the net equity of your securities positions. Of that total, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) provides $500,000 of net equity protection, including $100,000 for claims for cash awaiting reinvestment (SIPC Protection). Visit WWW.sipc.org for more information about SIPC. Pershing provides the additional protection (Excess SIPC) through a commercial insurer.

Workshops - Basic investment information presented in easily understandable form by experienced financial representatives. Each workshop is designed to help you understand the safety, liquidity, marketability, and tax advantages of a specific product. Our workshops cover topics ranging from Municipal Bonds and Revocable Living Trust planning to Mutual Fund investing techniques.